There’s no point. That’s the point. It’s frustrating as hell.
I spent 20 years searching for the point of life on this planet. Like… Why the fock are we here?!?
Is there a reason for this madness?
Are we just supposed to pay bills, eat, sleep, and… the end?!??

I read thousands of books, studied history…
Are we supposed to find our purpose?
How about solving a global problem?
Help other people?
What do we DO with the limited time we have on this big ass rock hurtling through space?!?

Have you ever experienced a moment when information hit home and suddenly your eyes were opened?
Yep, me too!
My purpose wasn’t to stop trafficking or fight injustice. It’s not to be a mom. Or to teach people, be a coach, or run a business.

Purpose is a buzzword finely crafted by hustle culture and the patriarchy to cause you to feel insecure about your lack of YOUness. Meme: My purpose is ME. I am doing what brings me joy and pleasure every day! What brings YOU joy?

My purpose is ME. I am doing what brings me joy and pleasure every day!
What brings YOU joy?

This isn’t a fairytale. I created my life.
It took hard work and a different type of resilience than I’d ever developed.
The ability to say, “No, I’m busy.”

While knowing damn well I’m busy laying in bed.
I’m busy doing crafts.
I’m busy hanging out with my kids.
I’m busy taking a bath.
I’m busy reading a book.
I’m busy watching the sunrise.
My purpose is to BE.
When we BE and are rested, magic happens.

Unexplainable magic. Thoughts become things in minutes. I have so many stories, but here’s a quickie…

Standing in my closet, I wished for a new bra as just a passing thought.
Ten minutes later, my daughter brought me a bra. I bought the bra months ago and forgot it’s been in her closet with the tags still on!

When the simulation makes sense, it’s easy to play the game.

Have you discovered your purpose?
In your opinion, what’s the point of life?

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You have a purpose. It’s you.
There is a point. It’s you.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

What’s the point of entrepreneurship?

We are experiencing one of the most significant shifts in the recorded history of humanity. For the first time, safety and joy are attainable for every underdog; simultaneously, our entire system is collapsing.

Only 100 years ago, about 1% of homes had indoor plumbing and electricity. Hold onto that for a second.

People still alive on this planet today remember when only 1% of the homes in the United States had indoor plumbing and electricity. Happiness, fulfillment, and mental health are all relatively new concepts in the evolution of the human race.

It seems to me humanity is spinning in circles because they don’t feel a deep passion and have all their shiz figured out when only 100 years ago, basic survival was the CORE function of existence.

We have NO CLUE what society would look like if we lived in a land where everyone was treated as equals. We can dream, but it always starts with a blank slate… we don’t have a blank slate.

We have Centuries of systemic oppression and slavery in every possible form. The very foundation of our systems is built on bloodshed and forced labor. If we had a slate or tablet to write, inmates would manufacture it from raw materials mined by slave labor. The entire system is screwed... But it gave us the power to choose. We have the right to decide how we make money, how we care for our families, where we live, and how we feel.

The entire system is screwed… But it gave us the power to choose. We have the right to decide how we make money, how we care for our families, where we live, and how we feel.

And we still need to work on getting it right. It’s hard. Complicated. Frustrating. Life can be downright cruel sometimes. Then we beat ourselves up for not having our shit together or having a Pinterest-worthy life.

When I took a step back and realized that technology changed the world and gave us the option to have individual freedom, I saw a pathway out of this mess. This, my friend, is the first time in recorded history that joy and safety are actually obtainable for the “common” person.
What a fantastic time to be born!!!

My most profound core value is freedom. My quest started within; demons from sexual abuse, sex industry violence, cult churches, domestic violence, and loss haunted me. As I tasted freedom, it became a core part of my being, an addiction or compulsion.

The freedom that comes from speaking your truth in honesty and dignity makes you untouchable and genuinely free. You can’t cancel someone honest and teachable; there is nothing to fight against. 

The freedom that comes from speaking your truth in honesty and dignity makes you untouchable and genuinely free. You can't cancel someone honest and teachable; there is nothing to fight against.The world is begging for deep honesty. I never thought I would live to see the day that Hollywood was calling out abuse and the ol’ boys club of the police departments were being revealed for their brutality that is well known on the streets. Almost every person I know who has been a part of the sex industry can tell story after story of being raped by cops; my story is no different.

The industry taught me something I could have never learned in high school: business, the art of stacking cash. While my friends were smoking weed behind the gym, I was on the streets, KNOWING I would make $1,000 that day and another tomorrow.

It defined my sense of worth. I knew I was capable seven days a week, 356 days a year; money came to me. I learned how to craft the sale and negotiate for my value. Selling yourself is the purest form of sales.

You are selling yourself regardless of the product, but most people don’t survive in sales because they have yet to be sold themselves. Believing in yourself is the highest form of self-love, knowing your worth and value.

Business is a beautiful dance of art and science, but the lines have become blurred as online entrepreneurship boasts of fast cash and instant success. We need to evolve faster to keep up with the intelligence and simplicity of our technology.

Our system created loopholes to allow those fluent in legalese to slide through the cracks and excel to unimaginable net worth. Those loopholes and tools are now available to all people.

However, we need help. We have too much information and not enough wisdom.

Internet marketers creating more “value” and teaching everything for free created a mass of overwhelm. Every message is carefully designed to give the reader/audience a wealth of knowledge, baiting you with case studies of instant success and scarcity that the offer will end, and you will never get this chance again.

After experiencing my pimp, these tactics have always made me giggle. It wasn’t until my friends started falling for the “overwhelm” tactics that I got pissed. So let’s break this down…

The Art & Science Of Online Business
The Science of Business is a machine. It runs like a series of levers, pullies, and cliffhangers. There are so many options, and every single option works. Every strategy has made someone millions, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.
Online business requires complete clarity, simplicity, and consistency; add a suitable machine for your target market, and you have a winner. Winner, winner, NO MORE chicken for dinner! We are getting steak tonight!

Every sales system for online business known to man can be compressed into a single book. That’s why it’s free + shipping. So much value that you MUST buy the next thing to make “it” work.

Every sales system for online business known to man can be compressed into a single book. That's why it's free + shipping. So much value that you MUST buy the next thing to make As you ascend the value ladder to the highest price points, the networking is worth the price, but the actual information is SO PAINFULLY SIMPLE. Get clear on who you are, who you serve, and how you help them. Keep your systems simple and get real results for your clients. Rinse and repeat.

The Art Of Business puts a kink in most people’s growth.

If we are musicians, art is the words, sounds, and feelings created when the song is played. Science is the instruments, equipment, and studio.
If we are a baker, art is the stunning display and exquisite flavors that dance in your mouth. The science is the ingredients, portions, timing, and order of operations.

If you are an author or speaker, art is capturing attention and carrying your audience on a journey into untold lands with obstacles and lessons that transform the landscape of their minds. The science is bios, websites, sales funnels, lead capture systems, emails, and social media.

With science, there is a recipe. Art is a craft.

Billions have been made by people who have very little knowledge of the science of business. Building the sites, funnels and managing social media can all easily be outsourced. What can’t be outsourced is YOU.

Your stories, personality, and passion. Your determination to change the world and sincerely help people live to their highest self. YOU are the catalyst within your business.

People can take your knowledge and teach it. It’s happened to me many times. They can sell your information for more than you charge or give it away for free. It’s the painful truth. What they can’t take is your story.

How did you learn? What are the mistakes you learned along the way? How did you overcome the obstacles? THIS is what makes you unique and absolutely magnetic.

As your voice touches people through their phones and computers, you can impact more lives than you ever could from a stage, but doing both is even better!

The very essence of humanity is changing; the digital age is already here. Change happens whether we like it or not; you might as well learn to ride the waves, dance in the rain, and laugh at the stupid shit you’ve done.

Your failures and mistakes make your successes more powerful. Your journey, as crazy as it may be, is the golden story that draws your perfect client into your world. You deserve it. Your clients are out there right now with problems that you can solve.

If we put more money in the hands of good-intentioned, learning, and growing people, the world would become a better place filled with progress and based on real solutions.

We must evolve quickly and with less struggle. Hustle is dead. Labor is for robots and AI. Leverage every ounce of privilege that your journey has gifted!

I invite you on a journey into the depth of my soul and into my machine designed to serve, inspire, and get radical results. Together we all rise!

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The Soul Crew is the dopest community around. We are deep. We are real. We are growing. We are individuals together.

Business is SO much easier when done TOGETHER!

The resiliency of humanity is breathtaking. Feeling every emotion as it grips your body, at the edge of suspense.What’s the point of writing?

I’ve always been captivated by riveting stories, especially true stories of human bravery. The resiliency of humanity is breathtaking. Feeling every emotion as it grips your body, at the edge of suspense.

When my soul awoke throughout the early 2000s, I realized I was one of those stories. My life was full of twists and turns and more trauma than any soul should endure… yet, I was standing.

Strong and proud, I was a wife and mother of soon-to-be five little humans, a leader, and a businesswoman in my community. Before the cameras started rolling for my first big interview, my mom leaned over and said with a chuckle, “You don’t want them to slit their wrists when you are done.” Mom’s love of life and ability to lighten any mood is a torch I proudly carry in her legacy.

In late 2009, I told my story on a public platform for the first time. I asked for the mic, and they gave it to me… I’m white… and very cute, if I say so myself.

Do you know what happens when you give a Gemini a mic?!?! A whole lot of crazy fun! And emotion… As I told my story, I got better. I was crafting every message so my points could be understood. I didn’t want to talk just to talk; I wanted to change lives.

My agenda? My mission is to humanize humanity. Humanity fears what it doesn’t understand. Fear is anger and hate; it’s also apathy, indifference, and denial.

I don’t give permission to abusive behavior, but I’m also not going to strip them of their humanity. People do things for a reason. It doesn’t make what they did okay, BUT it makes their behavior understandable. From that vantage point, the bitterness and anger roll away, leaving a lifetime of golden stories.

The year 2014 began a seven-year spiral into depths of pain, my heart could not fathom. The battle for survival was real. One major life event after another, from our son being paralyzed to a major hurricane, nothing was safe, not even our marriage.

If the zombie apocalypse happens or angry aliens attack, there’s no better person by my side than my EX, but the climb up was more than we could do together. Breaking the bonds of codependency is no joke.

This is where we find the moral of the story… I don’t do anything that doesn’t bring me joy or make me money. Period. I do what I want. That is freedom.
I invite you to come on a journey. It’s deep. It’s real. It’s breathtaking and powerful. It’s rest. It’s peace. And the manifestation power is unbelievably awesome!

Along the way, I will tell you the stories of when I manifested a $30k gift after laying in bed for two months and multiple 4-5 figure sales while struggling to survive. You don’t have to be perfect; just be honest and march in the right direction. You can do it!!!

Do you second guess your story or wonder if it even matters?

Telling your story can seem scary, but you’ve been living your story your whole life. If you lived through it, the memory won’t kill you. And silence doesn’t solve problems.

One story gives one perspective. It will open eyes to one aspect of the journey, but people need context; we all do things for reasons.

Sharing your story can be incredibly helpful in overcoming the past. It’s not always easy to move on and find closure when we keep our experiences and emotions locked up inside. But when we share our stories, we can process our feelings and gain new insights into our experiences.

Sharing our stories can make us feel less alone. Knowing that others have gone through similar challenges can provide a sense of comfort and community. It can also help us to reclaim our power and agency, especially when we’ve experienced trauma or adversity. By sharing our stories and advocating for change, we can take back some of that power and work towards creating a better future for ourselves and others.

This planet is like an 8 Billion piece puzzle; EVERY person is a piece. Every piece is essential, but you can’t see the big picture until you start assembling pieces.

Sometimes we see a snapshot of life and think we understand… but we don’t. It’s the fullness of the story that allows people to better understand the nuances of life. Simply stated, life is mushy.

Many stories paint a larger picture of the human experience.

Sharing your stories and speaking your truth is NOT for the faint of heart. It CAN be easier, more powerful, and SO much more fun with a supportive community, but we must retain a thick skin and tender souls.

Independence is one of the biggest lies within our culture. Humans are interdependent. We need people to challenge us, to love and care for our hearts, to encourage us when things get hard, to problem solve and encourage the next step even when it’s scary.

None of those things can be done without a human touch.

Humans NEED community.

We also need to be respected and honored for our wisdom. To receive honor and respect, we must be honorable and respectable. Our words carry the power to build and destroy. Our words are prayers, meditations, affirmations, chants, and spells; even in everyday communications, words have the most power!

Your VOICE matters. Your LIFE matters. Your heart matters. The world needs to hear your stories! It’s through the pains of life and the courage to overcome that we connect with our audience.

Don’t let your stories go untold. You matter.

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What’s the point of Spirituality?

The breakthrough that led to divorce, my new name, AND $14k IN ONE DAY!

I have significantly grumbled about receiving government money or “handouts.”

I much prefer to earn money; since my youngest got sick eight years ago, I have gone round and round the same cycle.

Make too much money to qualify.
Something would happen…
Get on food stamps, and pile on shame.
Clean up the “something” mess for a few months.
Earn too much to qualify.
Something would happen…

It was my hellish cycle.
I knew I could earn, yet I failed to keep all the balls in the air.

I had to eliminate the “something” that kept coming up… That meant divorce.

When I made my final decision six months ago, I was buried in past-due rent and cut-off notices… holding on… Strangling my connection to Source.

I had to let go.
I let go of my marriage.

I let go of the ego that said, “I’m too smart, too equipped, too good to need help.”
I was denied services.

I pushed like crazy. Working from a space of frustrated determination.
Things got worse.

I applied again. Approved.
We got $500+ in food stamps, which turned into $1200 monthly! Some kind of extra food program. Wahoo!!!

My landlord told me about a rental program that helps people like me; I applied and quit paying rent.

It was stressful AF. More than my brain could handle. I. Always. Pay. My. Bills.

I focused on my relationship with Source rather than the issues surrounding me. “Everything works out for me. I am loved and provided for by Source.”

In 3 months, my children got their dental work done, which was a massive stress for years. That was over $100k!

I continued to build the foundation of the business that was born in my heart. Slow and steady.

I got caught up on all my bills but still wasn’t paying rent. Ironically, I never missed a payment that impacted my credit, and my score climbed to 720+, up from the 300s from 2 years ago when the medical bills started falling off.

I focused on deepening my trust and relationship with Source. Meditating. Praying. Trusting.

When March began, I was six months behind on rent, $10k+, deeply connected, and at peace.

Then the interview came for the rental assistance program. Almost everyone was getting denied, and the funding was very limited.

Then came a series of rapid-fire breakthroughs.

I can not control how money comes to me.
I can trust fully and completely.

My mom kept coming to me. Her voice from when I was ten years old and my father had just died, “God is my husband. He provides for everything I need.”

I remembered the new home we made our own. Her complete faith. Her willingness to follow and do whatever she felt led her to do. Total submission to God. She was pure magic. She became Mama Divine.

I remembered the new home we made our own. Her complete faith. Her willingness to follow and do whatever she felt led to do. Total submission to God. She was pure magic. She became Mama Divine.Mom got married again and lost her connection for about ten years. Those were my years of wild… ending in being trafficked.

When we came together again, she had recently reclaimed her deep belief. As a young single mom, I found my faith.

We healed together. We became best friends. We didn’t know the answers, but we committed to the journey.

Years later, she would build a small brand as Mama Divine, but she passed in early 2010 before the social media craze.

During her last year of life, she kept saying, “I’m passing the baton to you.” Neither of us knew what that ultimately meant.

I was becoming someone new, and she was my guide. Then in her early 50’s, she was suddenly gone. I did my best. I shared my voice. I was everywhere and everything… I couldn’t slow down. I couldn’t rest.

It took me seven years to be able to claim and own Mother’s Day despite having been a mother for nearly two decades at that point.

On 8/8/2022, I was in a long meditation, seeking Mom and answers. She and my father had been making themselves known in my physical reality.

Receiving a 12-year-old retirement account from my mom.

My dad’s sister and family, whom I’d never known, found me, and we reconnected.

Magic was all around! On that morning, I became Mama Divine. Still, I was scared.

I chose to trust and continue being and doing what was in front of me. One foot in front of the other, walking in the fog, trusting.

Then I remembered. I realized. I understood what Mom meant when she said, “God is my husband.”

She was in surrender to God.
She was fully embodying the flow of Spirit.
As above, so below.
She was living an adventure of complete submission to her will and being a tool of love, compassion, and kindness.

Love is not weak.
Compassion is not a doormat.
Kindness has fierce boundaries.

She was living an adventure of complete submission to her will and being a tool of love, compassion, and kindness.In my moment of complete surrender, waves of peace and power washed over my being. I was in Spirit’s hands. Trust and believe everything works out.

On my 19th wedding anniversary, I was filling out divorce paperwork. Later that day, during the Soul Crew meeting, one of our newer members called me Mama Divine without knowing the story. I was shook.

The paperwork in front of me with the opportunity to change my name. I am becoming someone new yet ancient. The power of generations is bestowed on me.

The following day, he and I went to file the divorce paperwork. It was easy and very awkward. I declined his lunch invitation, choosing to go home and meditate.

24 MINUTES later, the judge signed the official divorce decree, also WAIVING THE FILING FEES!


A few hours later, I received $600+ extra in food benefits. A couple of hours later, I received a $500 payment from my client, who helped me immensely in my journey to deeper faith. We celebrated in the Soul Crew!

I went to bed that night in peace. My life had been made NEW, and everything was working out. I was excited to see how my rent would get covered.
When I opened my email the following day, I realized I had received the approval letter for rental assistance… 18 hours prior. Right in the middle of the Soul Crew meeting!!!

They were covering over seven months of rent, paying me ahead for six weeks, AND helping with my utilities!

I had gotten a divorce, changed my name, and received over $14,000 in one day, but I didn’t even know it until the next day because I didn’t check my email. 😂😂😂

If I were to only tell you about the day the magic happened, you would miss the years of preparation for the complete transformation that carried me to that moment.

Magic is possible.
Anything is possible.
With faith.
Complete surrender.
Not my will, but Yours be done.
As above, so below.
Mold ME. Use ME. Make ME your tool. 😂

There is more than enough for all of us.
We are divine beings, DOing WAY too much.

There’s an easier way, but your faith is required to activate your magic.

Not faith in religion.
Not faith in rules.
Not faith in the things we see.

Faith in BEing. One Being many skin suits.
One Consciousness, ALL Life.
The wisdom of the collective where ALL is ONE.
Faith that moves mountains with the power of love. Complete surrender.

I love you. I believe in you.

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