What is human design and gene keys. I am certain you have heard a lot about these amazing modalities for self-discovery and understanding more of who you are but

it is really complex. There is a lot to it.

And when you look at your rave mandala or your chart or your pathways, it can be incredibly overwhelming. So this is the first episode in a series about gene keys and human design, where I am just going to knowledge juice it and break it down real simple for you because.

Why the heck do we need so many words to describe something? Hi y’all. My name is Jes Divine! I am the founder of the Soul Crew Community

an everything Coach and Knowledge juicer.

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So here’s one of the first things that I noticed is that gene keys and human design have a lot in common because one of the core essences that they were built upon is the I-Ching which is an ancient Chinese book that was also in a way, channeled in fact, All of these modalities have been channeled at one point or another.

That was how they came to be this divine enlightenment, the connection of one and who we are, and they’re backed up by a lot of science, like over the last few thousand years as. Science has been developed. There is connections between like the 64 gene keys, which is also the 64 gates within human design, which is built off of the I-Ching and it’s a really just a way to validate.

Channeled wisdom via science. So a lot of these modalities are incredibly similar and it’s based on the interpretation of the person who developed it so Ra who developed and first got inspired with the human design. Or Richard with Gene Keys,

both amazing men who. Are very spiritual and received amazing divine knowledge and decided to share it with us. Now, whenever someone receives channeled information, we as humans go through these crazy experiences where we need to validate. What we learned, and in that process of validating what we learned and giving proof and evidence towards this channeled wisdom, there’s a lot of evidence that goes into it, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m certain these books are so damn big.

Like the Gene Keys book is enormous. The human design book equally is large. And if you’re watching this on um, or listening on the podcast, you’ll see that I’m holding up these giant books. But in order to even use the Gene Key book, you also need three more books. So I have been devouring these five books.

I can’t even lift up with one hand. Oh my goodness. They’re huge books. I have been devouring these and really working on this for the last year and a half. To understand my own distinction and my own uniqueness as to who I am. And over the last couple weeks as I really meditated and did some channeling myself, I had some pretty major epiphanies.

Our brains are really, really powerful and so many of us in today’s society are stuck in our heads where we get stuck in our heads and we need to have science and evidence and things that say, this is what it is. Except when you read the 64 gene keys or the 64 gates, they’re the same. , you realize the point of every single obstacle or nuance or gifting that we have is a paradox. Well, a paradox in our head is what we call cognitive dissidents, where you literally, in our brains, we cannot hold two contradictory ideas in our head.

Our brains must choose one or the other, and that is the challenge that we have because paradoxes cannot be intellectualized in our brain. Paradoxes are something that we. Feel in our body. And so cognitive dissident is this opposing thing in our brain, and we can’t ever get to the root of life. As long as we’re stuck in our heads, we must move into our body where we can feel the paradox and learn to find joy.

So if you are just deeply in your body, you’re not thinking at all, not using your head space, don’t even watch this. You don’t need to be a part of this because you are fully in your body. Embrace the 64 paradoxes that exist on this planet and just have fun. Fuck it up like it’s your birthday. Live your best life and just do it and laugh.

You don’t need this. But if you don’t have everything you desire, then stick around because you can see how to embrace the paradoxes that exist that allow you to find freedom, joy, happiness, and success exactly where you are right now. So ultimately all of life is about living in the now, embracing the deep divine love for all beings, because we’re all one, having a good fucking time and getting out of our brains and into our body, and living according to our design. So here we go. At the moment you were born, there is a current chart for our planet. So right now, in this exact moment, I’m gonna show you on the screen. This is the chart with the human design app. That is the exact transits of today. So a child born right now at this moment would have this human design chart for their conscious side.

So if you look at your human design chart, and you probably already have one, the red side is your subconscious, the black side is your conscious. , the conscious side is based off of when you were born. The subconscious is approximately 88 days or 88 degrees before you were born. Now, the planet itself goes through the sun, goes through every single gate, all 64 gates and all six lines every single year.

So everything is addressed every year, every single one of the paradoxes. So when you’re looking at all of the lines in your human design or all of the gene keys, you experience every single one of these gates or gene keys every single year.

However, because of when you were born and when you were designed,

You have a specific set of hiccups in your giddy ups or shadows, or not selfs, like whatever you wanna call them that are also within that shadow, is an amazing gift. Or according to gene keys, a Siddhi a, a highest self. That is the gift and the nuance of who you are. So that’s really the purpose of both human design and gene keys.

It’s the science of distinction. It’s who are you, what are your gifts, and how do you use them more? Now, as I’ve studied this, human design is really good for getting you some immediate results, understanding who you are, how you make decisions, how you navigate in the world. And that is amazing because you can take immediate action and make really specific shifts and see change as you experiment like damn near immediately.

However, when you start to go deeper into your actual design, human design gets really sciencey and really techy and it’s kind of hard to understand. And that is where Gene Keys comes in because they have a much more. Effective understanding or really communication of what the gene keys are or the gates.

And so we’re going to actually go through that, and I’m going to do my own channeling as we do this because I love to simplify things that are really complex and especially paradoxes. So this is the beginning of what’s a very long, long series. In this process, I’m going to bridge the two together so that you can get immediate results and immediate action because who, who wants to study something for like a year, year and a half without feeling any actual results? Right. So let’s get you going right outta the gate. The first thing you’re going to do is you’re gonna go to two different links.

Um, both of them are free. It’s the actual Human design website and the actual Gene Keys website. They both give you your entire chart. For free. It’s not an affiliate link. You can sign up for their emails. You don’t have to, but it’s really epic. You’re going to want both of these charts because it’s gonna help you understand and navigate.

So grab those links below and get your charts cuz you’re gonna want ’em handy. Next week we’re gonna go through the actual charts and we’re gonna compare the human design and the gene keys charts. So you can see side by side where are things match up and how they overlap so you can better understand how to read your charts and what is important within each modality.

. For this week, I would love it if you deeply pondered the paradoxes and the cycles that have been in your life over and over and over again, cuz you will end up seeing them revealed in your charts.

And it’s comprised of a number of different modalities in human design, they call it a synthesis of four ancient esoteric systems with modern science. So all of this has been backed up with science. Metaphysics, which is really cool because when you see the two overlay and the developments of technology and science over the last couple decades specifically, it is amazing how much has been verified and within Gene keys, . Richard really went into the connection between the I-Ching and our DNA because we have the DNA sequences that just happened to match the I-Ching, which is really rather incredible considering it was channeled a thousand or so years ago. But within the human design, we have the I-Ching wheel, which also includes the hexagrams of the tree of life.

, we have as the astrology wheel, and the Kabbalah. And so they all combine into this one really mega chart that shows you exactly who you are, and I spent hundreds of hours staring at mine trying to figure out what the heck it meant, and it was really awesome, and yet really, really complex and overwhelming.

That is why we’re here to make this shit simple but where this really went next level for me was when I pulled the charts of everyone in my family and started treating my family differently based on their designs. And that has been one of the most powerful lessons I have ever experienced because, Treating my generator children different than my projector children, different than my manifestor child.

This has all really, really helped and transformed our family because we all function differently. So as we dive deep in into this, it’s important to understand and really just be able to acknowledge the nuances of the entire system . Because you only have one design. That’s who you are.

However you interact with people of all different types of designs, and as we experience life, all 64 gates, we experience in some way or another. And because the planet is shifting through all 64 gates every year, that means we also experience all of those. So it’s about knowing who you are, but understanding.

All the paradoxes that live within life, because honestly, if you can understand and embrace the 64 paradoxes of life, you’ll not have any more problems forever, ever Again, it’s super simple because it’s just living within your body. Living in the now, being able to see the paradox and embrace the divine love.

That’s it.

So this is truly a journey of getting out of your head, getting into your body, feeling more, meditating more, and learning to live in the now. I’m so excited to begin this journey. I’m cutting this a little short because I’m actually moving this week. Didn’t know like it was really happening then it’s really happening and here we go.

I’m super excited to jump into human design and gene keys and the I-Ching for the next year and a half or two years because ah, I’m stoked. Okay, we’ll talk to you soon and if you wanna talk more about this this week in the Soul crew, like join us, it’ll be fun because we now have a seven day free trial.

So we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.