How do you make decisions? Every day, we all make a gazillion decisions, and yet so few of us have an actual process on how to make decisions, and yet, Decisions really determine the quality of our life. So this is like super important. And today we’re going to run through the awesomeness of human design and gene keys and look at where they overlap and really go through our profiles.

And then we’re going to dive into how to use human design to make decisions. It was radically life-changing for me, and I hope it’s radically life-changing for you too, because as you experiment with it, oh my goodness, it has helped me make such better decisions that are correct for me in the moment.

Hi y’all. My name is Jes Divine welcome to the Soul Crew Podcast, where I’m here to equip you, to help you to live the life of your dreams, doing whatever, and live however you truly desire to live. Today is going to be tons of fun because we are going to start out by comparing the human design and gene keys and looking at, I’m gonna use MyChart as an example. We’re gonna look at both of MyCharts, the human design and the gene key, and I’m gonna show you where the overlaps are and really where some of the benefits and drawbacks are to each system.

Really laying the groundwork for where we’re going so that you can truly. Be equipped with the knowledge of how to read your profile, how to read your design, and then make decisions and choices and the lifestyle choices for your life. Because there’s so many times in my life where I’ve been like, ah, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do, or how I’m supposed to do it, or what’s right for me.

these systems really dramatically changed everything for me. It gave me answers that I had been looking for my whole life. But with anything, please test it. Experiment with yourself. Meet it with a. Attitude of joy and fun. If it works for you, great. If it doesn’t like, it’s okay. There’s no right or wrong.

There’s no good or bad. This has just been incredibly profound in my life since I started living according to my design. Everything in my life has shifted, and I have found so much more ease, grace, compassion, love, and abundance. So, If you’re ready for this, come along. It’s a journey of experimentation and play and figuring out what is right for you. would like to start out by sharing my screen and you are going to see my profile. Now. Last week I gave you two links and I’ll put ’em in this one again. Um, where you can get your free human design profile and your free gene keys profile. It’s absolutely free. It’s both from the original company and they’re fabulous.

They’re free. They just give you tons of great information. Normally when you sign up, you get this talking body graph first, which doesn’t give you quite the information that you need. We so go ahead and switch over from talking body graph over to my body graphs. Because what you’re gonna wanna see on the side of your profile here are these chart properties, and that’s what we’re going to go through right now.

So when you first get your profile, you look at it and you’re like, oh my goodness, what are all these colors? Like there’s a lot there. And I have to say, this is actually a slimmed down version. If you go to your rave mandala, it actually looks like this. So it is really, really complex and can be incredibly overwhelming.

That is why we’re here to make the shit simple and to make it easier so you can actually. Know how to live and work within your profile, within your design. The first thing you’re going to notice is there are nine centers, so that are these centers that resemble the chakra system, except within human design there are nine of them rather than seven.

And as we all know that there are hundreds and hundreds of chakras. But for the sake of human design, we are an evolving creature. And so some of the seven, couple of the seven. Center has got split, and so now we have nine.

This is based off of the exact time that you were born. So over here in the chart properties, you can see this is my actual birth data. They converted to U T C and I had no clue what that meant. U T C is, um, coordinated universal time. Why? It’s not C u t, I don’t know, but it’s U T C, so that’s what it’s converted to here.

So when you see the birth data and it’s wrong, it’s okay. It’s because that’s converted. Your accurate birth data is here. And then you have your design date. Now your design date is this red side that is 88 degrees or approximately 88 days before you were born. And this is according to human design. When your personality crystal entered your being.

So basically according to human design, that’s. Kind of like when your soul entered your body and there it is, and now you have this personality. It is kind of like your subconscious. It is your personality. It’s a deep part of you that is unconscious until around 40 years old. And as you, you know, go into your forties, your middle ages, these subconscious lines become more conscious and you become more aware of them.

So if you’re younger, totally cool. Just be aware that they’re there and that may be giving you some of the hiccups in your giddy. You’re over 40 like I am. Yeah. A lot of these ones start to come more online. And you’re more aware of the things that you were prior not aware to, not, whoa, that didn’t come out right.

Prior. You weren’t aware of fully. So Blackside conscious red side, subconscious Blackside off based off your birth time, the actual time that you came out of your mother, the red is your subconscious. Following me so far? Awesome. So we have nine centers, and one of the things that I love about human design is that it actually shows the entire body, the entire system.

Because we have nine centers, we have 64 gates, and we have 32 channels. So a gate is each one of these numbers. All the way through. There’s 64 of them and then the channels are where they connect. Like this is actually two channels cuz I have the 20 to the 57 and the 20 to the 34. This is another channel.

So in total there are 32 channels, 64 gates and nine centers. One of the things I love about looking at the human design profile is that one, it gives us an instant representation of us, our body, it looks like our body, whereas when you go over to your gene key profile, Your profile is this circle with all these lines and spheres,

it doesn’t scream, this is me, this is who I am. Whereas the human design really shows like my body, this is who I am. The other thing that I really love about human design is it shows all of the white parts. So according to human design, we have these not self, which is kind of like your shadow or out of alignment really.

I we’re gonna go over the language some, because I don’t really like the way this is stated, but I want to point out that you have every single thing in your body. You physically contain all nine centers. You contain all 64 gates. It’s just that some of them are not as defined, and I think of this as like free will.

This is where you pick up things along the way in your whiteness that came out funny in your undefined. In the openness where it is white, these are the openness of you. This is where you can pick up other people’s ideas, ideas from the universe, because our solar system goes through all of these gates all the time.

Like there, it’s constantly shifting based on the transitions like astrology that we are in currently. And so we interact with all of these openness parts of our profile, and I love that you can see all of it when you’re looking at your human design chart because I am completely undefined in my root, like completely open, look at this, I don’t have a single gate, doesn’t mean that the root doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t mean that the root doesn’t impact me. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have I ideas in my root. And same with my G Center and. So it’s really important for me to understand and know that I have ideas and beliefs and philosophies in all of my openness in each one of these gates and channels. They’re a part of me and they’re really important, however.

I, when I was born, I was given a very specific set of gifts, and those gifts are the things that are colored in on my chart. These are the things that make me , me, they resonate with me. Deeply. It’s like, oh, I make sense. Like when I started reading these, it felt like I was reading the story of my life. I was like, wow, these things totally make sense.

And that gave me a lot of peace.

Now I have a rather defined chart and I’m lit up kind of like a Christmas tree. However, I’m gonna show you my son’s chart truth, who is also a part of the soul crew. He has a lot of openness. And a lot of space is in him where he gets to make decisions as to what is right for him and what is not right for him.

So it truly doesn’t matter what your chart looks like. It is simply the beauty and the uniqueness according to human design. It is the science of. Differentiation. It is what makes you different and you unique. There is no right or wrong. Truth is absolutely amazing in who he is. He is such a powerful soul, and yet I too am absolutely beautiful and unique in who I am.

We are simply different and that is beautiful.

What I wanna roll through today is these chart properties and what they actually mean.

Because human design gives us the opportunity to change things immediately within our life to make shifts immediately. That gets immediate results because I love immediate results. When I first looked at this, I was like, there is no freaking way I’m gonna figure this out anytime soon. It’s a really complex, and yet, within the human design system, there are a couple things that when you start playing with them, immediately, you can start seeing the immediate results and start feeling better immediately.

And that gives you the time and space to go on and start to really. Take a look at what these other things mean within your life, all the gates and channels, because it takes a while to get through all of this. So we want results quick, and then time and space to go on the journey to understand the special uniqueness of you.

So what we’re gonna roll through are these chart properties over here. There are four different types. Well, it’s four types in one subtype, and I am actually the subtype. So there are four types and these describe your auras, like how you interact with the world.

There are manifestors, generators, projectors, and reflectors. And then I am a manifesting generator, which is a subtype of a generator. I’m definitely a generator type. I am not a manifestor, and so my strategy and my not self themes or my hiccups in my giddy up, those are just like the generator.

So a manifesting generator. The only thing that makes us different is that our sacral is directly. Connected to our throat in some way. Uh, mine is a direct line. Other people go through the G center, but that’s all the difference between a manifesting generator and a generator is that my sacral and throat are directly connected.

So of the four different types, each type has a different aura and we’re going to go over the types strategies and not selfs next week. These are really fun. But it takes a little bit more understanding. And honestly, I struggled with this a little bit more because I did not like responding to life. I liked to initiate, and this is the problem with a lot of generator types.

We behave like manifestors. Since I said that word, we are all manifestors. However, within human design, manifestor means something slightly different. It is not like a manifester for receiving money or getting the things you desire. It is a manifester in how you navigate life. So when you hear me talk about a manifesting generator or a manifestor, and maybe you’re not one, know that everyone manifests, this is just the word that they use to describe this.

Specific type of person. It doesn’t mean that if you’re a projector or a generator or reflector that you can’t manifest. Everybody manifests. In fact, understanding your strategy and the hiccups in your giddy up is how you manifest easier. So I just wanted that distinction in the language because sometimes the language, because this is very science-based, is kinda yucky.

You know, it feels a little funky. So next week we’re going to run through the type the strategy, the not self themes and the signatures. We also have definitions. There are five definitions in total. I am a triple split. All this means is I have these centers and see these two are connected. So when you have two gates that connect to each other, that creates a channel.

And all that means is that I, in myself, without talking to anyone, without engaging in anyone else’s aura, I have the ability to flow energy from one center to the other.

In mine, I have three different energy systems and I require interaction with other people in order to bridge some of these gaps in my design. And I find that when I interact with people first thing in the morning, I actually feel a lot. Better because I can receive the energy that connects the, some of my different systems and then I can flow into exactly what I desire to do.

We’re gonna go over more about the five different definitions because it goes from, um, non-defined like a reflector where they don’t have any defined centers all the way through to a quadruple split. So that is what the definitions are. The authority is what I wanna talk about today. And so there are seven different authorities and we’re gonna come back to this because I wanna go through the rest of the chart properties and then we’ll go back to authority cuz this is where you can get quick results and it really makes a big difference.

So there are seven authorities and then profile. There are 12 profiles within the human design system. I happen to be a six two. And where this comes from is you see these lines that, and they’re called lines in both human design and gene keys. There’s the same terminology there. So it’s like you have the 20.6.

So I have sixes here and I have twos here. So because the sixes are in my conscious, they come first. That is my role model. And then the twos are in my subconscious. That is my hermit. So that is where my six two comes from. So if like I go and I look over at truth, he is a two four. There it is, two four.

These lines are actually really important and very fun to learn. We’re gonna go over those in one of the , future podcasts. Our profile. There are 12 of them, and we will go over those in more detail as well in future podcasts. And then incarnation crosses. This is where it gets really complex because there are 192 simple incarnation crosses and there are over 700 specific incarnation crosses.

What you’re gonna see here is some more numbers. You have this 2034 and this 37 40 where you see these numbers is right here. Look, there’s the 2034. Here’s the 37 40. My both conscious and subconscious,

so this is the actual cross at the moment that I was born, where the sun was, where the earth was, and how they reflect upon each other. When you go and look at your Rave mandala, you’ll see it’s an incarnation cross because it’s shaped like a cross look.

Here’s my 34 to 20 and crossing that is my 40 37, so it looks like a cross. Now, what absolutely sent me wild was that when you go over to the gene keys, You’re going to see in your activation sequence. So gene keys is very similar to human design, but it’s better for the long-term journey. Like taking six months to a year and a half going through your gene key is kind of important because it’s really detailed.

There’s a lot of information in there, but I want immediate results. So that’s why we start with human design and then bridge over to gene keys. But you will see here the same thing. If we look at the activation sequence, which is the first sequence in gene keys, you’re going to see the 20 and the 34 and the 37 and the 40, just like over here, the 2034.

37 and 40. So it’s showing the exact same thing. This is my conscious, this is my subconscious, and it totally makes sense. And you see the lines even. The, the six line here and here and the two line, , here on my radiance and purpose. They are the same as the twos here and the sixes here, it’s literally the same type algorithm that creates both, because it’s built off the I-Ching, astrology, the tree of life, the Kabbalah, like it’s built on ancient wisdom adding science.

And it really just makes a lot of sense. But what we need is a more simplified view so that we understand where to start and then how to go on the long journey to understand the uniqueness of who we are. When we’re looking at gene keys, you start first with your incarnation cross.

They call it your activation sequence or your genius sequence, and so this is your genius. You go through your incarnation cross and then you go through your Venus, which is all about love. There’s a lot of childhood stuff in here. And so it’s really fun to get into the depth of this. And then from that we get to the pearl, which is really where money and abundance flow.

And I know, I know, I know everybody just wants to jump straight to the pearl. But you know what, you’re probably already doing a lot of this. You just have some hiccups in your giddy up somewhere along the pathway. And this journey is about understanding where those hiccups are so that you can be all that you desire to be.

So we’re gonna jump back over for the sake of time in this podcast. And I want to go over today the authority. Your authority. Now there are seven different types of authority, and today we’re gonna go over each one of them. Now 50% of society, 50% of humans are emotionally defined, and that is based on the solar plexus right here.

So if you have the solar plexus colored in, in your chart, you are emotionally defined, and this is so much fun. Although I didn’t like it at first. I was like, I’m not emotional, I don’t wanna be emotional, I want to be logical, and I am very logical. However, I am very much emotionally defined. I have a lot of emotions and this is a very common authority.

Our authority tells us how we make decisions. And based on your authority, when you just learn to listen to your body and listen to whatever authority you have, because there’s no right or wrong, good or bad, when you listen to your authority and make decisions within your authority.

Oh my goodness. My life transformed because I was able to really allow my solar plexus to make the decisions for me, and it completely changed the quality of my life because I was working within my authority.

When you are an emotional authority, you’re going to feel waves of emotions. You’ll probably be able to look back on your life and go, yeah, I made a decision. And then later I was like, eh, I didn’t wanna do that. Why did I do that? Regretting decisions, it’s because those of us who are in emotional authority, we need to wait through our entire emotional cycle before we make a decision.

One of the key things for me has been to just say, Hey, can you give me a day or two to sleep on this? Can you give me a week to ponder this? Like depending on the depth of the question, the thing that I’m trying to decide on, I will take upward of a month to decide what I need to do, or whether it’s a yes or a no for me.

But absolutely at bare minimum I just say, Hey, can I sleep on this and get back to you tomorrow? And I have never had anyone be like, no, I need a decision now. And if they are, it’s very clear that we are not supposed to work together. We are not supposed to, uh, be a part of each other’s life. Because if you don’t have patience with me to live within my design, um, you are not a part of my system.

And that is just easier for me. It’s just a clear no at that point. So within the emotional authority, it’s about feeling the, your emotional flow and the peaks and the valleys, and allowing yourself to really feel through it before making a decision. And this has helped so much.

The next authority is the sacral authority.

So these are people who are not an emotional authority. So there’s no color here in the solar plexus, it’s white. The sacral authority is really fun because it grunts, it speaks in Uhhuh, Uhuh, and I activate my sacral in order to really process myself because I have my sacral defined as well.

However, I make decisions with my emotions, but I listen to my sacral because my sacral speaks in grunts. It’s not necessarily like a yes no, it, it’s more like a yup. Mm-hmm. That’s right. Mm-hmm. Nope, I don’t wanna do that. And so if you are a sacral authority, that is what you need to listen to. And in order to activate your sacral, you can have someone ask you a whole series of yes no questions.

Normally, by the time you get four or five questions into it, you will start to get to your grunting yes or nos, and that’ll make it a little bit easier to make your decision. Your sacral already knows what is right and what is not right for you. So listen to the grunting of your sacral. You’ll feel it deep in your belly.

And again, it comes out like, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Comes out more as grunts than it does as audible words. So that would be how you make decisions, and you can make decisions in the moment, but it’s listening to those grunt noises that come from your sacral.

Splenic authorities are really fun. I’ve have a number of splenic authorities in my life, and it is the still small, quiet voice that speaks in the moment. The spleen is what is responsible for our survival as humans, and it is incredibly powerful, but it speaks quietly.

It speaks once and it changes because what is right for you in that moment may not be right for you in another moment. So think of this. This is how the spleen works. You’re driving a car, you swerve around the pothole. That would be like your spleen. Is it appropriate to swerve all the time? No. It’s only when you’re responding to something or something interacts with you, and that is that quick quiet.

Do this, go this way. Call this person, do this thing. That is your spleen speaking. So it’s really, if you are a splenic authority, that means you do not have the solar plexus defined. You do not have the sacral defined and your spleen is defined, and that you make decisions with that quiet, small, instant voice.

Really tuning yourself in to listen to that is super important. Now the vast majority of society are those three authorities. There are four others that are not quite as common. We’re gonna roll through them real quickly, but the majority of people are either emotionally defined, sacredly defined, or spleen defined

The fourth authority is the heart, where the heart or ego is connected to the throat, and it’s really important for these individuals to listen to what they say because through what they say will give them the direction, will give them their ability to make a solid decision for themselves. For the individual whose heart, who is the ego projected authority, where the heart is connected to the G center. That means in your chart you have a lot of openness and when you have a lot of openness and really for any projector, you are heavily influenced by the the other people around you. And so it’s super important to only select friends.

It’s really important for them to be able to trust and enjoy the energies that they’re around because they absorb it. And for the self projected authority where the throat and the G center are connected, or for the environmental, the mental projectors where it’s the ajna and the throat connected, or the reflectors. The reflectors are a whole different ballgame because they don’t have any defined centers.

It’s a really important to protect your environment, to protect the people around you, because you’re gonna be getting a lot of feedback from other people’s energy, like through talking through it, through feeling through it, to listening to the lunar cycle. Like for the reflectors, you must protect your space so that you can make decisions that feel right for you, and you can follow your invitations. I know it was a lot for one podcast to jump in. Your authority is really how you make decisions for who you are

I would love for you to drop in the comments, what is your authority? How are you making decisions, and how has this changed your life? I am so excited for next week where we get to go through the different types and every type has the strategy and the not self theme and the signature.

That is so much fun. So until next week, I look forward to chatting. If you wanna chat more about your specific design or you wanna jump in and like have me look at your chart, join the Soul crew.

We have a seven day free trial and we have so much fun going through our human designs together, growing together, learning together. Specifically, if you are a neuro quirky individual and you really desire to live in community, come check us out. Like there’s no obligation, absolutely no risk. We would love to have you,

really engaging with the uniqueness of who we are and working together so that we can fill in the gaps for each other. Because isn’t that what life’s all about? You got gaps? I got gaps together. We fill the gaps. Oh, that’s a rocky quote. Rocky and Adrian, love them. Okay, y’all, I hope you have a great day.