Do you feel misunderstood or like too much or like people don’t get you? Understanding your aura type is the solution. today we’re running through your human design type strategy, signature, and not self theme.

So stick around because it’s really important for you to learn also, all four types because you interact with humans like every day. And when you understand the different types of people that you’re interacting with, it makes things a lot lighter. Hi y’all. I’m Jes Divine I am a knowledge juicer Everything Coach, the founder of the Soul Crew and a manifesting generator six two emotional authority with a triple split.

So what is your aura type? Let’s jump in. So there are four aura types and I know what you manifesting generators are saying I’m one too. What about me? I’m not on here. You are for the sake of your aura type. You are a generator type. We’re gonna talk more about manifesting generators, but for this, you are a generator in your energy type, your aura. 

You know how some people are just really open and inviting, and then other people, it feels like they can read the depths of your soul, and then some people just kind of feel closed and aloof. Your aura is how the world perceives you. 

When you work with your aura instead of against it. Now all of these have positives and negatives. They all have pros and cons. They all have things that you’re gonna be like, yeah, that’s awesome. And other things you’re like, Ooh, that’s icky. When I first realized I was a generator and what that meant to be a manifesting generator, it was like, oh, this is hard.

But then as I did it more and more, Things started to magically align in my life and that is where the experimentation is So fun. Your aura influences other people around you and how you influence them. When you understand that, it makes it just easier to navigate life. And when you understand other people’s aura, it makes it even easier.

And then when you put a whole bunch of people who understand their aura together, hello soul crew, it is absolutely magnificent because you’re able to get so much more done with grace and ease working with your type and your strategy. It’s fun.

So we talked about getting immediate results with human design and gene keys, and this is how this is done by combining your strategy of how you make decisions with understanding your aura type, the, and this is how you engage with the world. The experimentation is done in your mind, your body, and your vibration.

So it truly changes everything in your life. How you deeply feel about the world, how you’re navigating within it. This is the journey that you’re on and it’s an optional journey. There’s nothing that says you have to do this. This is the journey to success. And I define success as whole being wellness.

It is yes, abundance. It’s also freedom for your time, freedom to be with people who help you come alive. It, it’s. The essence of who you are,

being truly at peace and truly at ease and fulfilled with all that you desire.

So what are these four energy types?

You have the manifestor, the generator, the projector, and the reflector. Now, just to give you an overall breakdown, about 70% of humanity is generators split approximately half and half generators and manifesting generators. Just a side note here in a minute, we’re gonna go through what creates this so you’ll understand.

Just keep going.  About 18 to 19% of the world is projectors. About nine to 10% are manifestors  and less than 1% are reflectors who have complete openness.

 You have felt all of these types of people throughout your life. Generators are the ones that are open and enveloping. Me being a manifesting generator, like everybody comes to me, generators bring all the boys to the yard because we attract, our energies are open.

Now, the upside of this is it makes marketing really fun  you’re able to really be attractive in your marketing and whatever you’re trying to do, it brings everybody in.

My openness has also been the key to a lot of my abuse. I attracted people that were unhealthy for me because I wasn’t understanding how to live as a generator. Many generators are trained to live and, um, conditioned to live as a manifester. Manifesters are trained to live like generators. It’s really weird.

And totally makes sense when you study our culture. So generators are very open and enveloping, and we just bring everybody to us. Now, manifestors are like the exact opposite. They are closed and repelling.  When I think about manifestor energy, I think of Violet on the Incredibles, where she would just put up her force field.

It’s like a bubble of. Protection. They have a closed aura and it’s kind of repelling. It kind of pushes people away. But When you get in a manifestor energy and they are in their humility and alignment, oh, it is the most magnificent thing ever because it feels so safe and comforting.

It is like complete protection because they have this bubble that is safety 

Manifesters are like traffic signals. So they tell you which way to go. They’re like, go here, do this. They are the activators of the entire system. 

 Projectors have a very focused and absorbing energy. Projectors have to be really careful about the people they’re around in their community, that they’re right for them, that the vibration is right, because they absorb the energy of the people around them, and they are so gifted in their wisdom and how they guide people.

Projectors are like the Buddhas of the world. They’re absolutely amazing. Reflectors are very, very rare. Reflectors are sampling, so they sample lots of different auras and they’re resistant.

Now that we understand how the different auras function and how other people perceive you. You can learn to work with your aura. So what makes each aura type? This is where it gets really fun. So a generator type, both manifesting generator and generator have the sacral defined. So if you have this red box right here in the center defined, then you are a generator type.

So this individual is an emotional decision maker and a generator.

 This individual is also an emotional generator.

This individual is a sacral generator. Because they do not have the solar plexus defined, but they have the sacral defined, and with the sacral definition, that means they make decisions with their sacral and they’re a generator.

This is another sacral generator.

Here’s where the manifesting generator comes in. So they’re a generator type, but they have a pathway, a channel that’s connected to the throat,  that is what makes a manifesting generator, a manifesting  generator.

And this is an emotional manifesting generator.

This is Grant Cardone. He is a manifesting generator because see, he is connected from the sacral to the throat, so that makes him a manifesting generator. Ah, here’s another famous person, Snoop Dogg. He is also a manifesting generator because the sacral is connected to the throat.

So if the sacral is defined, they are a generator. There’s two types of generators, ones who are connected to their throat and ones who are not. That’s the difference between a generator and a manifesting generator because the throat is super important to the manifestor. This individual is a manifester.

You see, there’s no sacral defined, but they have the throat defined and the throat being connected to one of the other three motor centers is what makes a manifester. So there are four motor centers, the heart, the solar plexus. The root and the sacral. The sacral being the big generator, the powerhouse of energy.

So a manifestor has  one or more of the other three energy centers connected to the throat. That is what makes a manifestor a manifestor. And they do not have the sacral. So this person is a splenic authority. They have the motor of the heart, and it’s directly connected to the throat. Here’s another manifester. This is an emotional manifester. See, they have two energy centers, the root and the solar plexus, and it is connected to the throat. So this is an emotional authority manifester.

This individual is a splenic manifester because they have the heart defined. So one of the three other motors. It’s connected to the spleen and then connected to the throat. 

This is another manifestor because they do not have the sacral, but they have a motor center connected to the throat. 

So what makes a projector? A projector does not have the sacral. And they do not have a motor connected to the throat. Sometimes they don’t have the throat defined at all. So this is an emotional projector.

This is also an emotional projector, emotionally defined, so they make decisions with their emotions, their solar plexus. And it is not connected to the throat.

This individual is a sounding board projector, so the throat is defined, but they don’t have any motors connecting to the throat. 

Here we have a splenic projector because a throat is not defined, so the motor is not connected to the throat. Here’s another projector because they have no motors connected to the throat. They have the spleen connected to the throat, and the spleen is not a motor. So what makes a reflector? And I have done about 80 charts and I have never done a chart on a reflector, so I had to pull this one from the internet.

Um, they are less than 1% of the population, but they have no defined centers complete openness.

 The sacral is what makes the generator open and enveloping. It’s that motor that says, ah, come to me. Everybody wants that energy. They want that, that energy that you are enveloping them in.

The manifester says, and they do. They, you cannot control a manifester. They, they initiate. They activate. They just dream big and go and get it. The projector absorbs, absorbs everybody’s information and they absorb so much knowledge. They absorb the stories and out of that comes this amazing wisdom. And the reflector samples, because of the openness and the sampling is resistant, reserved, there’s a barrier there.

 All four Aura types come with a strategy, and that strategy helps you know how to interact with the world. So here’s something really interesting about the conditioning of the world, is that we have all been trained by hustle culture to behave like manifesters.

Go out there and get it. Go get it, go do it. Like initiate and take action and activate things. Manifesters are less than 10% of society. They are the only ones that can go and get it. They’re the only ones that are designed to go and do it, but they don’t have the energy to build it. This is why working together in a team is so powerful.

So Manifestors are the initiators. They’re the ones who go and activate the other people. They’re the ones that say, go here, go this way, do this, do that. They guide people in which direction to go. Now they activate the generators and the projectors and the reflectors. Because the generators, both types manifesting generator and generator.

Our strategy is to respond. So when a manifestor gives us something to respond to, we come alive. And that is when we get into our flow, when it’s correct for us. And we use our strategy to like decide what is correct for us and it’s correct for us. We go and we. Do stuff so amazingly well. We are the builders.

We are the ones that get the stuff done. Projectors are the ones that are like aloof and waiting for the invitation. That is their strategy. They wait for invitation. Not to exist  we create. We live, we follow our beauty we follow whatever delights our soul.

And we wait to respond as a generator or as a projector. We wait for the invitation that is correct for us. So in waiting for the invitation, you use that discerning energy to know when to give your gift of wisdom and knowledge and discernment. You wait for that invitation so that you know you’re honored because that energy, that knowledge is kind of pokey.

It. It’s like strong. It’s real, it’s accurate. You see right through all the bullshit and you know how to bring wisdom to us. So Manifestors, the initiators, generators, the doers. We are the ones that build and complete the tasks. Projectors are the wise ones. They are the ones who in the right situation, in the right space where you’re honored, you will give your gift of wisdom.

And reflectors also have magnificent wisdom. When they are truly in their alignment, they are able to see from their sampling all of the patterns of humanity. They’re able to

absorb and share. Now for every single person, it is so important, regardless of your aura, type to find what delights your soul, to do what delights your soul. Because in that creativity, for three types of auras, we are waiting for something. We’re waiting for something to respond to. We’re waiting for an invitation, reflectors waiting for the lunar cycle.

They’re waiting for that activation from the manifester, that that creates this synergy of all of us that work together as a unit, and together we accomplish amazing things.

So how do you know when you’re in alignment? And this is where your signature and not self theme come in. Your signature and not self theme is like a gas gauge. It’s the thing that says, woo, I am like super in my alignment, or Whoa, I am like way out of alignment 

For the manifester, their strategy is to inform, they are blow and go. They set that big vision, that big dream in their head, and the manifester goes, oh, that I’m going to that. And really none of this is about the end individual. It is about moving the big dream of the collective forward. None of our thinking, none of our doing is actually for us.

It’s for the wholeness of the world. And when we are fulfilling the, the dreams and the destiny and the thing that we desire more than anything in the world, it changes for your entire community. So the manifestor, you cannot control them. They, they hold the big dream and they initiate. They say this is the goal.

It’s why mission statements are important, because with the mission statement, everything is developed. They drive the entire team forward, and they inform when they are in alignment, their signature is peace. They have complete peace about how they are navigating and living in the world. They feel peace deep within them.

When they start to get hiccups in their giddy up, when they’re in their not self theme, they’re going to feel anger. And it might not feel like raw rage, but it’s a deep seated anger. So that is the gauge for the manifester. If they’re feeling peace, awesome. Keep going. If they start to feel anger, whoop, you’ve got a hiccup in your giddy up, come back online.

Now the generators, the doers. We should really check with the projectors and the reflectors before going forward with something. This is where adding the wisdom of the projector and reflectors, I’m gonna speak mostly to the projectors cuz the reflectors are a very, very small percentage. So the projectors with their absorbing energy that is focused, that is the wisdom.

The projectors are waiting for the invitation. They’re waiting for the one to say, Hey, I would really like your wisdom in this situation. Hey, I would love your insight on this. They’re waiting for the invitation and the energy that is right for them.

Their signature. When they are truly doing that, their signature is success. They have all the success, they feel successful, and they’re not self, they’re out of alignment. Their gauge is bitterness. So they will say things like, oh, I told them that was coming. I warned him about that. It’s really important for the projector to understand when to give advice and when not to, because they will not be received well if they’re giving advice, when they shouldn’t be giving advice, like the person isn’t ready to receive that information.

So projectors are all about waiting for the invitation. And this can be as simple as. Being paid. If you’re someone who is a, a projector and you’re being paid for your information, that is permission to give advice. If someone comes to you saying, Hey, I need help with this, that is permission. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you desire to give your advice.

Is that energy right for you or no?  Your wisdom is not designed or intended for everyone. Now when a generator or manifesting generator has this amazing relationship with a manifestor who is in their alignment or many manifestors and projectors who are in their lives, the generator waits to respond when everything is right for them.

They respond and they say yes. And then we have the energy to accomplish amazing things manifesting generators. Because of our connection from our sacral to our throat, we bend time and space. That sacral gives us a massive amount of power to be able to share with others to accomplish things because that sacral energy is what fuels.

The other people, but it’s short-lived in other people in us. It’s a reset. It’s a reset every night that sacral, we get more and more energy and it’s constantly within us. It’s important to rest for everyone. It is important to rest. When you feel that you need rest, do not overdo it. This is not about hustling.

No one is supposed to hustle. Some people initiate and inform. They let people know what’s going on. Other people are wise and invited. Other people are the doers, but the doers out of passion, out of joy, out of doing the thing that you love and accomplishing together. Out of all the readings I’ve ever done, out of all the charts I’ve ever done, I have never seen one chart and said, wow, you have everything.

There is no one person who has everything. It’s when we come together and when we work as a collective that everything shifts and you find ease and peace and grace, and joy and fun. You get to live life in community with other people who delight your soul, who are living and on that adventure, and finding their alignment with who they are.

I do wanna hit on reflectors though, because while I may not know Emmy,  I have a book and it explains reflectors, so I’m gonna read to you 

their strategy is to wait for the lunar cycle, so the full 28 days before making decisions. And when they do that, they will receive the inspiration that they need. Their signature, their alignment, their gas gauge

is surprise. They’re surprised, and it is amazing.

And they’re not self theme is disappointment.

And it just occurred to me, I don’t think I went through the generator. Our strategy is to respond to life. Our gauge, our gas gauge is frustration as the not self theme and satisfaction as our signature. the majority of the time, I feel deeply satisfied with my life, deeply satisfied with where I am, but I can tell when something starts to go off, my frustration starts to rise, and it’s like,

and so I know that when I start to feel frustrated, it’s time to come back into alignment and find my satisfaction for that. I use. The stop, collaborate and listen. I know I’ve talked to you before about the vanilla ice method where it’s you stop, you collaborate with yourself and you listen to your body and what’s going on.

I know I talked about that in prior videos. When you understand your aura type and how the world perceives you and you live within it, and you nurture the relationships with other types of people around you, it allows you to do more without frustration, without bitterness, without anger,

and it allows you to be free within your creativity 

 And having the gauge of your signature and your not self theme is really what helps you navigate your alignment because you know what feels right for you. I am so excited that you have joined me on this journey. Thank you so much for spending this time with me.

I am deeply, deeply grateful. If you wanna go over this more in community with us, I invite you to join the Soul Crew. We have a seven day free trial. No obligation. Come and try out a few of the classes, get to know us. It is a deep transformational community where we are all on the journey to living more and more within our alignment, and it is.

So much fun and you should probably be okay with inappropriate humor.

Next week, we are going through all nine centers and we’re going to discover, because we all contain all nine centers, we’re going to discover what it means to have a defined center versus an undefined center and how they impact us. So come along this journey, subscribe like all that stuff that you’re supposed to do or not supposed to do.

I don’t care. Just come along. I love you tons. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye.