I’ll be the first to admit raising your hand and being like yeah, I am bitter is not something I want to sign up for… if you are a little bit salty and speak in sarcasm, my friend, this is for you.

Bitterness shows itself as blame. There is someone or something outside ourselves causing your life to be shitty.

Humans love to hold a grudge and even more to align with others who hold the same grudge.

Bitterness worn out the outside makes you an asshole, then you attract more assholes. You see the pain etched into the creases of even young faces.

Feeling like you have the right to be angry, even when you have the right to be angry, will leave you miserable and many times alone. Feel your anger and process the pain. Release so you don’t have to carry the burden. I know, I know, easier said than done.

Guilt is what we feel when we have hurt someone. Bitterness is what we feel when we have been hurt by someone else. Shame is believing we deserved the pain and identifying with the action.

I am a fuck up. Shame.
I fucked up. Guilt.
You fucked up. Bitterness.

The closer the relationship, the more likely the bitterness, guilt, and shame.

Bitterness is based on individual relationship; the more we know about a person, the more we judge them.

Bitterness is like a parasite of your worthiness root. When it infects your worthiness, your bitterness will be visible in your fruit. Or you hold the pain inside, and bitterness becomes an illness.

Do you remember every detail of the pain? You may have become bitter. Bitterness causes us to hold on to the pain. Right and wrong. Good and bad. These are the words of bitterness. The beliefs that infect worthiness cause lack and despair.

Forgiveness forgets details.

As long as a person is breathing, they have the opportunity to heal. There are lots of people who fill our cemeteries that took blame and bitterness to the grave.

Forgiveness is a bonus level for life. You don’t HAVE to address these issues, but they directly impact the quality of your life, your joy and happiness, your money, and your relationships.

Revenge… doesn’t solve the problem; it only makes you feel worse. One drop of vinegar and a gallon of milk will make the entire gallon sour.

When you go to someone and your heart is still bitter, they will respond with defensiveness. It’s best to wait until your heart finds freedom from the pain before resolving this issue.

The odds are the problem is twofold. You may be upset for not having your needs met, even though you’ve repeatedly said what you want, AND they have no clue what you actually mean.

Communication barriers are the biggest obstacle in a relationship.

Forgiveness is not based on their response. Love wins. Love is the only solution.

Love is not weak. Love is not a doormat.
Love does don’t coddle. Love is strong like the wind, powerful like the crashing waves, nurturing like the earth under our feet, and passionate like a roaring fire on a chilly night. Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Judging someone causes you harm. Judgment affects everyone and everything around you.

You can lie to everyone else, but you can’t lie to yourself. When you do, the lies manifest in the form of illness.

Feeling bloated? Are you holding onto things that are not good for you?

Freedom, forgiveness, the release of pain, judgment, and bitterness will be released instantly when you completely surrender to your truth. Get real with yourself, and release the pain and shame of holding onto judgments.

Word of caution… Rather than using your mind to look for problems, assume your perfection, and when something comes up, address it.

Live your life! Walk in the glory of the light! The moment you feel a twinge of discomfort that is your signal to ask deeper questions.

Your body is your roadmap.

Oh, Source! I feel my bitterness. I feel my pain. I do not want to hold a grudge against any person. I do not want to hold onto my anger and judgment against ____. I’m sorry for the pain I have caused them. I’m sorry for the pain I have caused our family. I’m sorry for the pain I have allowed to eat at my Spirit.

I release my anger and bitterness. I release my frustration and judgment. I release my resentment and envy. I ask that my eyes would be opened and I see _____ with my highest self. I choose to see ____ with pure love and understanding. Please, continue to open my eyes to any resentment and bitterness in my Spirit.

I commit to love. I commit to my love. I commit to wholeness and joy. I love my love.