Educate. Elevate. Celebrate! 

Together, We Rise.

Serving and creating an impact can be challenging; there are so many different moving parts to life and business.

The Soul Crew helps neuroquirky, spiritual individuals grow and build their best life. Join a community that addresses the whole human and provides solutions and energetic support. Build relationships with like-minded, soul-lead humans who live strong and laugh hard!

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Achieve personal and professional growth by joining a supportive community that empowers you on your spiritual journey toward entrepreneurship.

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Connect with like-minded, neuroquirky individuals who are on a similar life path! Community is a core human need and it’s so much FUN!!!

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Skill Stack

Gain access to live classes multiple days per week, where you can learn valuable skills and knowledge from tech skills to marketing that is critical for your business success. You can also access over 100 Well-Being, Writing, Publishing, and Business videos. 

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Storytelling & Writing

Develop your voice as a writer and storyteller by practicing storytelling skills, sharing your unique perspective, and using your passion for creating a successful business.

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Learn how to turn your passion and skills into a thriving business that allows you to earn a living doing what you love by utilizing the tools, resources, and collaborative partnerships provided by the Soul Crew Community.

Power Up Your Skills with Live Classes and Collaborative Partnerships!

Personal Membership

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  • Live Zoom Classes, Healings, and Round Table Coaching Multiple Days Per Week
  • The Entire Storytelling For Profit Course by Jes Rich-Divine! Including over 90 videos on Well-BEing, Healing, Writing, Social Media, and Business.
  • The Soul Crew Partner Program, Where You Can Earn 20% for Every Referral!
  • Help Desk & Private Community within your Account for Writing and Technical Support.

Personal Monthly

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$111 / Month

No Contracts

Personal Annual

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$777 / Year

Savings of $555

Business Monthly

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$222/ Month

No Contracts

  • Includes Personal Growth Package – FULL ACCESS TO THE SOUL CREW!
  • Full Profile in the Member Directory with links to your offers and social!
  • Offer your gifts in a dedicated Feature Friday Soul Crew Class
  • Featured on TWO episodes of Brave Souls Podcast
  • A Chapter in the Brave Souls Book
  • Full Social Media Promotion

Business Lifetime

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$3,333 One-Time

($5,555 Regular Price)

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the Personal Growth and Change Maker Package PLUS…
  • HOME PAGE FEATURE on the Soul Crew website, linking to your Bio!
  • Moved to the FRONT OF THE LINE for your Brave Souls Podcast interview and Feature Friday Workshop
  • Your chapter in the FRONT OF THE BRAVE SOULS BOOK
  • TWO-HOUR Breakthrough Call with Jes and Occam

Soul Crew Member Directory 

You don’t need all the answers when you have community!

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Everything Coach

Knowledge Juicer. Everything Coach. Autistic. ADHD. Unschooling. Mom of Five. Logically Creative. Writer. Author. Systems Builder. Teacher. Founder of the Soul Crew Community.

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Soul Crew For Business

Join the Soul Crew at the business level and get tons of visibility and collaboration perks! 

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Energetic Health Practioner

 Energy ninja. Trauma transmuter. Recovery Facilitator. Sacred Space Holder. Unconditional love. Claircognizant. Divine Channel. Special needs father.

Be Your Own Hero, Together!

Live Your Best Life!

At the Soul Crew Community, we believe access to resources and support should not limit one’s ability to achieve personal and professional success. Our mission is to empower neurodiverse individuals on a spiritual journey toward entrepreneurship by providing the tools, resources, and collaborative partnerships necessary to make choices that serve their highest good and the good of humanity.

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