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Jes Divine

Jes Divine (formerly Jes Rich) discovered she was Autistic at 43 years old. Waves of emotion washed over her as she understood for the first time, that there was nothing wrong with her. Absolutely perfect in her weird obsessions, neuroquirky methods, and unhindered joy! 

Her stories weave higher truth and profound suffering with contagious laughter. Jes is an author, serial entrepreneur, mother of five humans, traveler, and free spirit. Her story has raised millions of dollars for trafficking survivors, and her programs have impacted thousands of lives.

Jes believes stories have the power to change the world, and our collective stories paint the picture of what it means to be human. She is on a mission to help survivors find their voice and own their power through writing books and rocking the stage!

Website ~ Media Kit

Jes’s Book: Surviving Trafficking and the Anti-Trafficking Movement

Digital Magic: Everything Coaching

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Super Powers: Knowledge Juicer. Everything Coach. Autistic. ADHD. Unschooling. Mom of Five. Logically Creative. Writer. Author. Systems Builder. Teacher. Founder of the Soul Crew Community. 

Avatar: Quirky Leaders who are ready to change their lives.

Astrological Sign: Gemini, Gemini, Virgo

Human Design: Emotional, Manifesting Generator, 6/2

Myer Briggs: ENFJ/P

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