Following your convictions, even when it seems crazy. Oh, today’s gonna be a fun episode and a short episode because,

I am in fact following my own convictions. And it is a fun journey when you feel something like within your body, within your realm of knowledge and you know you need to shift something.

That shift is so incredibly powerful to listen to our intuition, to listen to our bodies, and just allow ourselves as humans to. Move into the flow, and that’s ultimately what the Soul Crew and this podcast is all about, is helping each individual person find their own unique flow. Hi y’all. My name is Jes Divine and I am an everything coach, knowledge juicer and on this wild human adventure with you because we are all just human, all over the place.

And. How do we make those stumbles a little bit easier? And how do we become all that we desire to become? And that is the purpose of this podcast. If you’re looking for community, that is the purpose of the soul crew is to bring like-minded people together so that we can evolve and really hit these vortexes altogether.

The collective vibration, ugh. As it shifts, it’s absolutely remarkable, and this week has been a lot of shifting. In the vibration, in the fields, in the electromagnetic currents of this planet. It has been a wild, wild week,

about a year and a half ago, I was introduced to human design and then gene keys. And as I have studied, it has radically changed my perspective of myself and my journey, and it has allowed me a path of freedom that I didn’t know existed. Although I had tasted it, like I had, felt my alignment. And yet having a graph like.

Human design or gene keys, and there’s a lot of similarities. It’s really pivoted a lot of things for me, and as we’ve been working through this series on bitterness. I had this awakening last week that I was holding on to all of this teaching that I had created, and I’ve been teaching over the years that I had just been holding onto it feeling like these are the things that I am meant to bring to the world.

And it works phenomenally well. And it’s really incredible teaching, but I have been feeling the urge for about the last year to just give it away for free, no longer charge for that information. I kept starting to upload videos to YouTube and it’s just all been behind a paywall, and so I ended up creating.

Just a free, you know, you give me your email and I give you all the information for free, but I don’t really talk about it much. It like, it’s kind of funny how like I created all these resources and then decided to give them away and then just quit talking about it.

And this week it occurred to me that I was still holding onto this book of knowledge that I’ve learned along the way that I really need to just release it, quit dwelling on it, quit thinking I need to teach it over and over and over again. The videos are there. They’re already incredible and I really just need to give those to you.

In doing so, you have access to all the information you need. I don’t need to repeat it over and over again in this podcast or anywhere because you can just go watch the videos and figure it out. So that link, it’s called Free Education, is right below.

There’s a couple programs of free education, both the playful pathway to 10 K months for coaches, consultants, healers, anyone that does one-on-one work,

and then healing with benefits, which is really my healing program that worked to set my heart free from the years of abuse and being trafficked and all these other pains. So it’s like it’s all already there. I don’t need to keep rehashing it like that is just free for you. I really desire to share with you the things that I am learning in my current journey and go deeper into the things that I have been studying and share these new epiphanies and the new things with you rather than hashing through the old shit that I’ve been dealing with for 20 years and teaching for 20 years.

So that’s what we’re gonna do. So starting next week, we’re gonna jump into human design at the very beginning, human design and the gene keys, and work through it week by week.

So you too can take your golden path, your journey into understanding the uniqueness of who you are in your gifts.

So that’s really it for this week.

It’s time to just move forward and make play and all of the healing around. Bitterness and betrayal and childhood trauma and hurt, those are the tools. They already exist for you. They’re available, they’re free, I’d love to hear how they’ve been working for you or your experiences with them, because they have done amazing things for a lot of people and helped a lot of individuals reframe their stories and find freedom from the pain that has existed in them for so long.

It was the pain that existed in me for 14 years before I started my own journey and. Now it’s time for me to move into the new spaces and the new fun, the places where I feel that I can truly play in the newness of my life and the newness of this world that we’re living in. I love you. I support you. I’m rooting for you. Thank you. We’ll talk to you soon.