Metaphors are a great way to understand difficult concepts, and relationships are the most difficult aspect of navigating life. When we liken a complex problem to something simple, it makes sense in our brain, and the metaphor makes it easier to embody the new concept or belief.

Self-awareness is about 90% of the game of life. When you master self-awareness, you can take baby steps to total transformation or monumental shifts to transform your life seemingly overnight. Self-awareness helps you check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you’re going to go on a bender, at least be aware of why you are doing it. And when you’re ready, you can choose better choices to help you obtain all you desire.

So many times, we think of Karma as a big cosmic cycle, and this is true, except Karma is also day-to-day. What we do and create today builds our tomorrow.

What you put off today becomes tomorrow’s list.

Who’s driving my car? Is a game I play with myself many times a day. Every day I’m navigating life in my body, which is like a car or a vehicle. In my vehicle or four people, two grown ass, adults and two kids.

In a perfect world, the masculine adult is driving, and the feminine adult is navigating while the children are peacefully buckled in the backseat. However, if you find yourself hitting potholes, driving off the road, crashing through buildings, or slamming up against other drivers, it may be because one of your children is driving.

I love my kids, but letting them drive a car when they need to be in a booster seat… It’s probably not a good idea.

When you enter into a relationship with other people, personal or business, it’s like driving your car onto a ferry boat. Ideally, one of the adults gets out of the car and joins the other adults in the cockpit. The significance of one person of you getting out of the car demonstrates selflessness and collaboration for the whole, well, leaving the other three parts of you in the car to remain steadfast in your identity and more vulnerable parts of you.

Whether it’s masculine or feminine, who steps forward in leadership, is entirely determined by who you are and the gifts you bring to the table. When a group of people steps forward with their strongest elements of them and works together as a team for a collaborative whole, radical transformation happens for the entire community.

I’ve made many bad decisions because I didn’t have a proper foundation built. However, when I first started my family 20 years ago, we did a number of things correctly. One of those was building a Family Mission & Future Casting that declared our values and objectives and created rules of engagement.

The process of defining our goals as a family created a clear path for our decision, making process and direction in life. We made a commitment to review it regularly and edit it once a year, and we did for many years.

In hindsight, I can see that when we lost our focus because we lost the very things that guided our marriage, resulting in a divorce after 19 years. With four children still at home and co-parenting with my ex, who is my neighbor, we decided to embark on the journey again with a new lens.

Whether you are an individual, couple, or nuclear family, or choose to coexist in peace with a unique family dynamic, such as mine, gaining clarity on the direction in the focus of your life is a huge benefit. The document you create will be one page and simple. Its purpose is not to be shown to the world but to keep you on track with your highest vision and values for your life.

Check out the video on YouTube for the full teaching on Who’s Driving My Car?, Navigating The Ferry, and Family Missions & Future Casting!